Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Week 49, July 11, 2016

Area:  Brownfield


Date:  July 11, 2016

Hey everyone well this week was crazy busy I have had so many meetings with President Williams and other missionaries! My new area is pretty sweet I cover two wards one is Brownfield and man almost every house is this huge mansion so we don't really go door to door we try park contacting which is super awkward at first but then you just learn to not care haha. So ya that area is a little rough we are still trying to find people to teach in that ward. The other ward I serve in is a YSA which is so weird just having a bunch of guys who were in my shoes not too long ago. They are all super cool and pretty motivated to keep doing missionary work! We also are on Marquette Campus trying to just talk to college kids as they walk by and also we go to UWM college. For being in this type of area we actually have a decent amount of Baptisms which is crazy and super sweet! Ya a little bit about my week we have been helping President Williams kinda catch up on all the meetings he has to do and help him plan and then we had MLC (mission leadership council) so all the Zone Leaders,Sister training leaders APs and then the Mission President and his wife it was fun we gave a training on somethings to all of them so crazy cause all of these people I am "training" I use that term loosely cause I don't know how much I "train" them have soo much more experience then me! But ya the meeting went well set some good goals and what not as a mission! It is super funny to see how different our Mission President is compared to our old like pretty polar opposite but they are both just amazing. The rest of the week was really good nothing to crazy happened but, I ran into what people think as like my twin which was weird cause when I got there people were like you remind me Jordan. When I finally met the guy it was weird so we both had the same time pretty close to the same glasses and then we have the same bag and the same watch it was pretty freaky we just kept finding stuff pretty funny the guy is super cool though! So ya only really investigator we have is Nathan who is super awesome he has a date to be baptized of August 13th so if you could be praying that it happens that would be awesome! Thank you all for your prayers I truly felt them this week my nerves of being AP were going away I have started to feel more confidence each day and I know it is because of all the prayers! 

My Spiritual message comes from a talk I heard on Sunday. He spoke of the parable of the Goats and the Sheep that Jesus gives. So what the speaker did was pretend like he was having a conversation with Christ and asking him why he is on the left side and not on the right side because he lived his like well always being worthy of a temple recommend and what not. So Jesus goes on to tell him well when I was Hungry you didn't feed me. When I was naked you didn't clothe me. So he goes on to say if you don't have much money to give food to people or give clothes he speaks of it spiritually. When someone is hungry to hear the word and you didn't share with them anything of the Gospel or when they are naked you didn't share with them how they can one day put on the beautiful white garments to clothe them. I love the twist he put on it and I wish I could remember more of how he put it but I truly do know that one day we will look back and ask ourselves why didn't I say anything to them why didn't I give them this beautiful gift of the Gospel! Don't be afraid to share the Gospel when things come up because I know that the spirit we bring to people they will ask what that is and all we have to do is tell them and allow the Holy Ghost to tell them it is true! I love you all just know I am doing good and really enjoying my mission right now! Let me know if there is anything I can do! 

Love Elder DeSantis

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