Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Week 56 August 29, 2016


Companion:Elder Christian

Date:  August 29, 2016

Man this week was so stressful and busy with mission tour (that is when a General Authority comes and speaks to the mission.) So the first day of mission tour was in Milwaukee and so we pick Elder Ringwood and Elder Cordon from the airport haha I was so nervous to drive them cause I was the driver haha and I was driving this huge 15 passenger van with all of us and President and Sister Williams so much stress haha. It was fun though we started talking on the drive back from the airport and he asked us where we are from and what not and he is from sugar house so he started talking to me about what stake I am in and he was like "you just got a new stake president didn't you?" I was like "ya we did" he said "President Ence" I was shocked how the heck did he know that but it turns out that he called him to be it so that was crazy but wait there is more! So then he asked about my parents and was like "Elder DeSantis what is your dads name?" I said Dave and he instantly replied "oh the golfer" I was so shocked haha so be careful dad you are getting too well known by high up callings I would like mow the lawn on Sunday just to be safe haha just kidding don't do that! So ya that was really cool Elder Cordon was awesome as well he was born in Guatemala but moved to Costa RIca and man he sold he me on living there it sounds amazing! Elder Cordon is super young like 43 I think and is already a 70 he is also super smart! We asked if he went to school in America and he did but didn't tell us where so Elder Christian asked where and he was like MIT. Man such a humble and smart man! They truly are servents of the Lord and called by God! So ya it was fun to meet all of the missionaries in the mission there is a lot of them! Well funny story for you all so I we were about to leave for church yesterday and I heard the shower dripping so I went to go shut it all the way off and I leaned in and turned it the wrong way and just drenched myself ah man I felt so dumb in that moment Elder Christian just started laughing ah man well ya there is that! Sorry I want to write so much because so much has been happening but I just don't know how to write it all! 

So many spiritual things happened this week it is hard to just chose like one hmm ok I got a great one so Elder Cordon gave this training and in it he had a picture of a missionary with three little kids and two parents, this was in Guatemala (they are converts). So he ask an Elder to describe what he sees in the photo and he describes the obvious things and then he asks a sister to describe what she sees and she adds a few girly things like they are so cute and what not. Then he goes on and goes back to the elder and says "Elder could you not see that there are 4 full time missionaries in that photo? Those three little kids grew up and all served full time missions and then the Mom served one when he her husband passed away." Then he goes on "Elder Could you not see 3 branch presidents all the brothers served as branch presidents then he says they actually all served as Stake Presidents at the same time!" goes on to add "Elder did you not see Area 70 and a 70 and also a Mission president?" So that picture was Elder Cordon and his family moral of the story is that you have no clue what will come to be with the work we are doing. We can't see all that will come to be like God sees it! We need to look at our investigators through the lords eyes and not what they are but what they will become! Such an amazing story! This truly is the greatest work in the world I love you all!

Love Elder DeSantis

Oh man I forgot to add that Elder Ringwood said "Hey Elder Davidson!" I looked at him a little confused and he said well are you David's son?? haha he kept calling me that too pretty funny stuff!

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