Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Week 51, July 25, 2016

Area:  Brownfield


Date:  July 25, 2016

Hey everyone so ya this week was cookin hot like 95 plus like I swear 100% humidity I am like cutting the air when I walk! But that hasn't stopped the work by any means! The missions numbers are killing it right now which is so awesome, we also had our baptismal date come to church again (Nathan) he is so awesome so that was sweet to have him there! This week we went on exchanges with some elders oh man the funniest thing happened and I guess sad but man so when I was on exchanges with elder Thatcher we were driving back to meet up with the other elders and we were in the super ghetto of Milwaukee and that is like super ghetto but anyway we were stopped in traffic at a red light and I was talking with elder Thatcher and all of a sudden he was like "oh geez look" and so I looked to my left and there is just this little kid staring right at me with like a most straight faced I have ever seen haha he scared me so bad but I roll down my window and just asked him what was up and what not haha so funny! Probably a lot more funny in the moment but I thought I would share. So ya I guess I will tell you a little more about the area I am in so we have two areas to cover one which is for the two colleges in Milwaukee (Marquette and UWM) we usually just walk around the campus and just talk to college kids it is pretty fun and actually the work in that area is doing really well! I really like Milwaukee a lot actually the downtown is so sweet and has awesome restaurants and what not so ya the city is super sweet! Then the other part is Brook-field and man this is probably one of the most wealthy areas in Wisconsin and most of the HUGE houses are people from India so that is cool none are really interested but they are usually really nice sometimes. But ya there house are just monsters...👹 (like that one) but the work in that area is a little bit slower we are still trying to find people to teach so pray for us! We have been seeing a lot of cool tender mercies with people though coming up to us and like asking us awesome questions so it has been really good! I am starting to get more and more comfortable with this new area so that is nice. Elder Christian and I get a long great I don't think I have said anything about him so he is from Sacramento, Texas and he has been on his mission for like 22 months so he is headed home soon but, he is a great elder!

There is a quote that I love and I feel like it applies to me it says "God cares more about eternal progression then our comfort." it is so true because we all know that we can not grow in the comfort zone so God allows us to be put in situations so that we may grow even though it may seem too uncomfortable for us. I have never felt so uncomfortable like I have on my mission truly what I am doing is so weird haha but I have never grown so much and I know it is because God wants me to grow and gives me situations to grow and it just depends on us if we choose to work through or just take the easy way out and get back in the comfort zone! I encourage all of you to get out of your comfort zone and share this gospel with people this week! Thanks for all you do for me! Let me know if I can help with anything!
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