Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Week 75, January 9, 2016


Companion:  Elder Lee

Date:  January 9, 2016

Well another good week, we have been pretty busy because of Zone Conferences. It is super fun to see all the missionaries and get to know them! We have one more week of Zone Conferences this week so we will be pretty busy again but, that is always good I like being busy. 

We had some really cool things happen this week! So there was a guy named Mark who just showed up to church. So I went to talk to him and we sat by him at church and he said he has been once and really liked it. He also had a friend who was a member and he really liked how he was just different then everyone he treated everyone so well. He said he wants to learn more about all this and then maybe even join! How crazy is that, like that never happens in Wisconsin especially in the area I am in right now! So just know your example can bring people into the church! He also stayed for all 3 hours and he really liked it! So we are super stoked for Mark! 

Next awesome thing that happened was Michelle and Jackson Vanlue came to church again and Michelle Jackson mom is really clicking with Sister Jackson the bishops wife. This probably one of the best compliments I have gotten in my life right here. We had our lesson after Sacrament which was on God. The question was asked "how do you know God is real?" Michelle rose her hand and said "Because of this man right here" *pointing at me. She goes on and says "he showed up at my door in the freezing cold some what uninvited and has helped my son out so much" Ah man that was a great moment in my life right there! 

Now we are starting to teach Kealey again I don't know if you remember her you probably do I wrote about her all the time. She is really wanting to find out what is true in life so she is reading the Book of Mormon again, I really hope that we can help her receive her answer! She is awesome though so I am excited! 

For the Spiritual message for all this I have a quote I want to talk about it comes from our mission President he said something super profound "This church doesn't get you somewhere, it makes you something." I love that so much it is so true we aren't in this church just to make it back we are here because we want to become so much better while we are here! I have started to realize that more and more each day. I have so much to do to be more like our Savior but, I have plenty of time to do be more like him. I have seen that this church has made me such a better person but, it only does that if we live it! We can't change if we don't make the changes to our lives we need to! I love you all so much I am always here to help! 

Love Elder DeSantis

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