Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Week 65, October 31, 2016



Date:  October 31, 2016

Well this week was a good one I think sorry I really can't remember much from this week but what I do remember is it rained a lot like almost everyday during the week! Our investigators are doing good but not as good as last week when I gave the run down on all of them. Kealey is now saying she is going to wait a year before she gets baptized because she talked more with her parents and they are just so against it. Pretty sad because right now she would have a lot of the missionaries who taught her if she got baptized right now, but hey peoples agency it is a gift from God so we are gonna now back off and let her make her own decisions with no pressure from us. Our other people we are working with are doing good we just have to re-set some dates with them and get in more with them. 

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