Tuesday, February 28, 2017

week 55, August 22, 2016


Companion: Elder Christian

Date:  August 22, 2016

whats up everyone I have one transfer down in this area but, transfer went well. We got to go pick up the new Sister Missionaries coming in at the airport on Tuesday pretty weird to be back in an airport haha. Then on Wednesday we had the departing dinner for the missionaries who are all leaving that was pretty fun. Well update on our investigators Nathan kinda wanted space from the church cause things got a little rough with him (girlfriend broke up with him/ family stuff) but, to cope with it he read the Book of Mormon A LOT which is awesome he told us he knows its true and that it has brought him so much joy! So we will keep praying for him! Also Kealey is doing ok she needs a lot of prayers but we hope to answer a lot of her questions this week! This Sunday one of the Stake Presidents daughter brought her boy toy to church so we went and started talking to him super sick kid we have a teaching appointment with him on Wednesday super stoked for him he seems really promising! I mean come on if you're gonna date the Stake Presidents daughter it is bound to happen just sayin! Well also we have been preparing for Mission Tour I am super stoked for! We have Elder Ringwood of the 70 coming to our mission and we are picking him up and then like spending the rest of the night with him on Wednesday can't wait for that! Then we will go to MKE Stake Center (Milwaukee) with him and half the mission on Thursday to have like a conference and then Friday we will go up to Green Bay and do the same thing with the other half of the mission! Well ya that is pretty much all we did this week I will probably have a lot more to tell you next week with all this exciting stuff happening!

So on espiritual side of things we had a great Sacrament meeting! The First councilor in the Stake Presidency Spoke in the YSA and invited like 10 non members and they all came but most were female so the sisters took care of that but, his talk was soooo good! He spoke on a lot but this one thing he said was so profound! He said " A baby chick will grow up to be a chicken a colt will grow up to be a horse and just like a child of God will one day become Him!" Ah man that was so cool and so true it just makes sense if we are children of God we have that potential to become like him!! I know that is part of our Doctrine that people get so caught up with but if you think of it like that it only makes sense! I know we are all truly Children of God. I have felt His love so strong for me and he has answered my prayers I know I am truly a Child of God! How lucky am I to be able to preach that to others! I love you all! Hope you have a great week!

Love Elder DeSantis

no pics this week sorry

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