Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Week 77, January 23, 2017


Companion:  Elder Lee

Date:  January 23, 2017

Man this week was great again! To start off it was like 55 almost all week, I am lovin this winter especially because this is my last winter in Wisconsin and if it wants to treat me well I will let it! Anyway a lot of good stuff happened this week! We had a guy come out with us from Salt Lake missionary Department. He was a former Mission President, he knows his stuff. It was such a humbling experience for me, he taught me so much it was so cool! We had good lessons with our investigators as well!

For a little update on who we are teaching, Kealey is going strong she had a really good talk with the Stake Patriarch which really helped her concerns! I am praying that she can get baptized this weekend before I leave that would just make this area so worth it, it has already been great but that would be amazing to end it like that! I am not too worried though she will get baptized one day!

Elder Lee and another missionary on exchanges found this awesome family! They are so cool like super prepared she just left her old church and said she will never go back. She was like the first person to connect all the dots to the restoration without us having too! It was so cool. It is a family of 6 and 4 of them are over 8. Ah they are so sweet I am super excited to see what happens with them! Also Mark our other investigator that just showed up to church a while ago is doing good haha he is such a funny guy, he went to this baptism the sisters had in our ward and he wrote on a note card to give to the girl who got baptized he said "I am a new member not yet baptized" so sweet!

Today my spiritual message is thought of because of the passing of an old teammate and friend, Andrew Garcia. He was an amazing kid who was always happy and a kid everyone wanted to be around. A verse that I stands out to me at this time is John 13: "34 A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another." The time we have with people truly is precious and we need to have that love for everyone because we have no idea when the last time we will see them is. Love is a powerful feeling that when one feels that love for the other person you truly care about them more then yourself. Which is all the reason our Savior did what He did was because He loves all so much that he was willing to lay His life down for us! I love you all so much I truly do! I hope you all know I am here if any of you need anything!

Love Elder DeSantis

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