Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Week 50, July 18, 2016

Area:  Brownfield


Date:  July 18, 2016

Well this week cooked by no joke we have been so busy with so much stuff again and we will pretty much have almost every week like this so ya. Hmm this week was good pretty crazy to say the least but a good one. We had a lot of people come to church well maybe not a lot but some which is always nice. One of our Investigators Nathan who is going to be baptized on August 13th came and he really liked it! We are so stoked for him he is awesome! We also had two of the less actives come that we visited and invited to church, I love seeing less actives come back because it truly is just as important as baptizing someone so ya I was super excited to see all of them at church! We also went on exchanges this week and guess who I went with Elder Whimpey haha oh man it was so crazy doing missionary work with him again and this time having our investigators be for real haha. I love that guy it was a lot of fun! Well now to describe why my subject is "The Lord Protects his servants." So on Wednesday we had an appointment with a less active (he came to church so it was all worth it) and on our way back some kid ran a red light like super red like mine had been green for a minute so ya I went through our green light and out of no where this truck comes cookin into the intersection and I was going like 45 (the speed limit was 45 as well just thought I would clarify so you didn't think I was speeding) so I had like no time to react and we just T-boned the crap out of him and destroyed our front left side of the car like destroyed you will see in the pictures. Well ya after that happened our car like turned like a 180 and finally came to stop and we were so confused like smoke everywhere so crazy. So the police and everyone get there and we get checked out and all is well only thing that happened between us is that the air bag burned my left arm haha it actually really hurt but hey I mean I will take that! The only reason I tell this story is because my mom got notified of like a prescription they gave me so ya she found out so I have to tell the story now but get this there is more so this burn that I get stops right where my garment begins pretty freaking sweet if you ask me! So I know that the Lord truly protects his servants!

So during church on Sunday someone said this quote during their talk and I never thought about this before but it is so true so it goes like this If you’re seeing more of your weaknesses, that just might mean you’re moving nearer to God, not farther away. [Bruce C. Hafen, “The Atonement: All for All,” Ensign, May 2004, 97]"

I think this is so I never would have thought of it like that because so many times we think when we are doing what we are suppose to we think that all should be going great and sometimes it does but, other times he wants us to grow and we know that when we give God our weakness he will make them our strengths and I know that to be true many of my weakness have come out on my mission but it has been amazing to seem them become more of my strengths! I love this Gospel I know it is true and I know that it can bless anyone life as long as we live it! Thank you again for your prayers they truly are being heard and answered!

love Elder DeSantis

Elder Reina and Elder Whimpey

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