Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Week 4, August 25, 2015

Area:  MTC Mexico City

Companion:  Elder Whimpey

Date:  August 25, 2015

Hi Family and friends.    So another week down and Im getting close to leaving the CCM and going to Wisconsin man I cant wait to get out there and start teaching real investigators! Man these weeks fly by but the days are pretty long, but I am learning a lot so its ok. Im trying to think of what happened this week but honestly all the days are just going into one day. We laugh at every thing and I dont know if that is because things are really funny or if we are just like so surrounded by weirdos but I dont care it helps me get through the day. 

  I forgot to take pictures of the soccer courts here but dont you guys worry I am getting plenty of soccer in also. The Latinos love playing with me I thought they would be a little bit better but oh well. One day I played until my little pinky toes got terrible blisters on them but it was so worth it. One kid tried telling me he was the second best mid feilder in Nevada and I was like dang lets play and then we played and shortly found out that he probably meant the second best mid feilder in his family but its ok I dont care, I just like to play so whoever wants to play with me I will play I dont care if they say they are the best in the world I will believe them and just start playing. 

  Okay enough about soccer onto my spiritual thought! I have this story to share with you guys that we had shared to us the other day Its called "The Day Jesus Kept Silent"

The day Jesus kept silent

I don’t quite understand whether it was real or a dream. I only remember that it was late and I was sitting on my favorite sofa with a good book on my hands. I was tired and I began to nod.
In that world between asleep and awake I found myself in a huge room, it was not a particular room except for a wall full of drawers like you find in a library. The drawers went from the floor to the ceiling and looked like there was no end on sight. Each drawer had a different name. When I got close, one of the titles called my attention:
Without paying much attention I opened it and started to read the cards inside. All of the sudden I realized that I recognized the name on each one of them. They were the
"Girls that I have loved!"
I started to realize where I was. This huge room with its endless drawers represented my existence. There I could find each one of the actions of my life even the small ones that I had forgotten.
I started to feel a sensation of curiosity, expectation, and wonder when I started to open the drawers randomly, to explore what they contain.
Some made me happy and brought me sweet remembrances. Others, on the contrary, gave me a feeling of shame and guilt so intense that I had to turn to see if someone was watching me.
The file “Friends” was next to the “Friends that I have betrayed” and “Friends that I have abandoned when they needed me the most”
The titles went from the ordinary to the ridiculous.
  1. “Books that I have read”
  2. “Lies that I have told”
  3. “Condolences that I have given”
  4. “Jokes that I have told”
The titles kept amazing me. In some drawers there were more cards than the ones I thought would be and in others less.
I was amazed by the volume of the information that I have compiled about my life. How could I have the time to write each one of these millions of cards?
But each card confirms the truth. Each card had my signature and was handwritten.
I became dumb founded when I saw the drawer “Songs that I have listened to”, when I discovered that it did not have an end in sight. I felt ashamed not for the quality of the music but because it showed how much time I have wasted.
When I arrived to the drawer “Impure thoughts”, a tremble ran throughout my body.
I only open the drawer a few inches… I was ashamed to discover its depth.
Randomly I took a card out and I read it. I felt sick knowing that “this” moment hidden in obscurity had been recorded.
I didn’t need to see any more… 
An animal instinct came out of me. A thought dominated my mind. No one should ever see these cards. No one should ever enter into this room… I have to destroy it! 
With insane feelings I pulled on a drawer, I had to empty it and burn the cards that it contained. 
But I discovered that I could neither empty nor could I burn the cards. I realized that I could not even dislodge a single one from the drawer. 
I became desperate and tried to yank even harder, only to discover that they were harder than steel when I tried to rip them.
Defeated and completely defenseless, I returned the drawer to its place.
Placing my head against the endless bookcase, invincible witness to my miseries I started to cry. 
Then the title of one of the drawers made me feel a little bit better. “People with whom I have shared the Gospel”. 
The handle shined when I opened it I found less than 10 cards. Once more tears came to my eyes. I was crying from the depth of my being. I could not even take a breath. I fell to the floor crying in shame.
A new thought came to my head: No one should enter this room, I need to find the key and lock it permanently.
While I dried my tears, I saw him. 
Oh no!!, please don’t!!, not Him!!, anyone but Jesus.
Helpless, I saw how Jesus opened the drawers, and read each card. I could not stand to look at his reaction. 
At that moment I didn’t want to meet his eyes. 
Intuitive Jesus drew near the worse drawers. 
Why does he have to read them all? 
With sadness in his eyes he looked into mine, I lowered my head with shame; I put my hands on my face and started to cry once more.
He came near, put his hands on my shoulders. 
He could have said many things. But he did not speak. 
He stood next to me, in silence. 
That was the day that Jesus kept silence… and cried with me.
And returning to the drawers, from one side to the other side of the room, started to open them and one by one and on each card he signed his name over mine. 
Oh NO!!, I screamed running toward HIM. 
The only thing I could say was NO!!, NO!! 
When I ripped the card from his hands. His name didn’t need to be in those cards. Those weren’t his sins they were mine!!. 
But there it was. Written in crimson. His name covered mine, written in his own blood.
He took the card from my hand, he looked at me with a sad smile and continued signing cards. 
I don’t understand how he did it so quickly. 
The next instance I saw him closing the last drawer and come to me.
He gave a tender look and said to me: “It is done, it is finished, I am carrying your shame and guilt. 
At that moment both left the room…Room that still is open… because there are more cards to be filled…
I still don’t know if it was a dream or a reality…but, of what I am convinced, is that the next time that Jesus returns to that room, he will find more cards that will make him happy, less wasted time and less vanity and shameful cards
This story really hit me deep when I read it, I feel we forget sometimes that God knows our thoughts and all of our actions. But God loved us so much he sent is only Begotten Son to Atone for us. Christ gave the Ultimate sacrifice and he now takes the shame and guilt of all of us. It doesnt matter if we decide not to use the Atonement it is already there for us. Now I share this with you not to make you feel guilty but to now remember next time you have that opportunity to brighten someones day or to share this amazing gospel with them you should do it, because when we are in the service of our fellow man we are only in the service of god. God loves all of us so much and all he wants is for us to make it back to him. We can do this I know at times we may feel a lone or feel that things are impossible but just know the Savior is there with out stretched arms. Thank you everyone for your prayers, I have felt them every week. Now my challange to you is to do good every day just go out and make one persons day, doesnt matter what it is just forget yourself for a second and go and find those who are in need of help. I love you all and I cant wait to get on and share next week more with you!

Love Elder DeSantis

Elder DeSantis with his care package from his mama

Thanks Dad for your amazing words, while I have been on this mission I felt the spirit so strong and feel that I have had almost the whole time I have been here! A quote going along with your light email says "Spiritual light doesnt come to those who sit in the dark waiting for someone to turn the light on, It takes an Act of faith." I know this to be true, when we act in faith the lord blesses us. I took the act of faith going on a mission and the lord has taught me more then I would have ever thought in last few weeks. I love you so much dad and thank you for the love you give to everyone, you truly do have the love of Christ in you! I am going to try and gain that attribute that the Christ had cause I believe that is his best attribute. Elder Bednar said if we have a question about anything the best way to receive an answer is by reading. He said to buy a blue soft cover book of mormon and read it all the way through with your question in mind and then mark it up, then once you are done write a paragraph of what you learned. So I am going to do that I am going to read with the question in mind of how to gain the love that Christ had! Love you so much Dad I know the lord has amazing things planned for you and mom! Stay strong Dad Ill be back before you know it!

Love Elder DeSantis

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Week 3, August 18, 2015

Area: MTC Mexico City

Companion:  Elder Whimpey

Date:  August 18, 2015

Hello everyone I hope everyones week went well! Mine are good but unless its Sunday or P day they all seem the same get up study for 30 minutes then breakfast then study language and BOM for 3 hours then teach then go to lunch then come back then we have Gym and then study more language for about 3 hours and usually teach someone then dinner then we come back and study from 6 to 9! But ya Im learning a lot which is good. 

Let me tell you about this week so the Plague came back to the CCM lucky me and my companion didnt get it. We gave each other blessings so we wouldnt get sick and man it helped. The kids in our room got it bad and were on the toilet every 15 minutes I felt so bad for the guys. Um lets see what else happened oh ya the president of the CCM called me over and I was like oh no this is not good, but dont worry I just got made Usher for all of the devotionals so you could say I moving up in life! Today we got to go to the Temple but this time there was an open house so we went through it -it has been closed for 3 years- it was so beautiful and let me just give you a little testimony of the temple. The temple is truly the Casa de Señor while i was in there the spirit was so strong because I know that one day the people I baptize while go through the temple one day. I give two years of my family so others can be with their family forever. The temple brings families together, thank you mom and for making it possible for our family to be together forever I love you all. But ya take advantage of the temple go as much as you can cause I cant go much! Other then that not to much happened so Ill move on to my spiritual thought.

 I read Moroni 10 the other day and I really enjoyed this verse
"20 Wherefore, there must be faith; and if there must be faith there must also be hope; and if there must be hope there must also be charity."
I like how it says Hope because thats where it all starts. In this church we aren´t asked to have faith right away we are just asked to have hope in Jesus Christ and that hope will turn to Faith but only if that hope is acted on. If we truly seek the lord and pray to know that these things are true then that hope will become a little stronger and then will it become faith then will it become a sure knowledge of this gospel. Then the last verse of the Book of Mormon is killer its Moroni saying his last words
"33 And again, if ye by the grace of God are perfect in Christ, and deny not his power, then are ye sanctified in Christ by the grace of God, through the shedding of theblood of Christ, which is in the covenant of the Father unto the remission of your sins, that ye become holy, without spot.
 I hope one day I can become as faithful as Moroni and know that with out a doubt in my mind will return to with my heavenly father as a perfect resurrected being. This is my testimony that I know the Book of Mormon is true and that it is the Word of God. I know that through Christ all of us can be perfected! Stay strong everyone and thank you for your prayers I LOVE YOU ALL  and more importantly so the does our Heavenly Father! Write more  next week!
Love Elder DeSantis

Elder DeSanis and Elder Whimpey at the Mexico City Temple

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Week 2, August 11, 2015

Area:  MTC Mexico City

Companion: Elder Whimpey

Date: August 11, 2015

Hey everyone its week two and things are well! Its really weird just thinking im in mexico. Me and my companion are like best friends so i think that is making the CCM a lot better. So my grammar and stuff is awful these keyboards are a little different. Anyways Ill tell you about the CCM its 93 archers of fenced off land with huge cement walls. The security here is pretty gnarly so we are safe dont worry, haha but you do hear gun shots going off a lot. My Companion had to leave the CCM and go to the dentist, so we got to go out into mexico and man these are so crazy. The dentist was one of the sketchiest places haha I looked at Elder Whimpey while he was sitting on the chair and said dude we need to say a pray ha so we said a quick one before anyone came back. Dont worry though he is good now. Ill send some photos along with this of us at the dentist. But ya the CCM has been good actually and I think its cause me and my Compañero are like best friends. Spanish is coming along alright it gets frustrating at times cause when we give lessons I have so much I want to say to help them but I dont know how. It will come over time I just need to remind myself that.

Some funny stories that have happened are we were with our zone doing service and our zone leader was standing there and a of a sudden started yelling and took his shirt and garments off and started running. We were all so confused and he finally gets out that a spider just bit him by his hip all just started laughing so hard and the workers came out and asked what happened and then they started laughing. We looked at the kids bit and you could see two little fang marks. Then we saw the spider and it was pretty big so it was nasty but super funny. Another one is I was giving a lesson to someone and me not know spanish very well asked him Usted tiene sexual releccion con hermanas which in direct translation means "Are you having any sexual relations with sisters" and i quickly realized i needed to say Chicas instead of Hermanas but luckily the guy we are teaching is already a member, so he just busted out laughing and then so did we, that is probably the fastest way to drive the spirit away. But ya while I have been here I have laughed a lot which really helps.

Let me tell you about stuff I miss right now that I always took for granted. The toilet paper here is I think sand paper and man that doesnt feel good at all. They call it Chuck Norris toilet paper. I also miss a nice shower, we take 2 kind of showers here ones that just have warms drops on your head or a freezing cold one with regular shower pressure. Another thing is my Mom cause wow she did a lot for me haha so thanks mom for everything Te Amo. 

I guess i will leave you guys with a spirtual thought so while I have been here I have grown to love reading The El Libro De Mormon and I was reading in Alma 26 it is an amazing chapter! All of Alma is but the part I really like was Verses 11 & 12  11 But Ammon said unto him: I do not boast in my own strength, nor in my own wisdom; but behold, my joy is full, yea, my heart is brim with joy, and I will rejoice in my God.
 12 Yea, I know that I am nothing; as to my strength I am weak; therefore I will not boast of myself, but I will boastof my God, for in his strength I can do all things; yea, behold, many mighty miracles we have wrought in this land, for which we will praise his name forever." I read this and thought to my self how true that is. Me I am so weak but with my Lord and Savior I will become strong and I have found so much joy this gospel brings and I cant wait to get to Wisconsin and start teaching people. I kept reading and then found this Verse " 24 For they said unto us: Do ye suppose that ye can bring the Lamanites to the knowledge of the truth? Do ye suppose that ye can convince the Lamanites of theincorrectness of the traditions of their fathers, asstiffnecked a people as they are; whose hearts delight in the shedding of blood; whose days have been spent in the grossest iniquity; whose ways have been the ways of a transgressor from the beginning? Now my brethren, ye remember that this was their language." I have the ability to convert anyone in this world, just as long as I have the lord on my side and teach with the spirit. If Ammon is going to try and teach the lamanites who love murder and blood, then I will try and look at everyone I teach that they can be saved and brought to baptism and then the temple. I cant wait for my first baptism I know that will be one of the best days of my life because of the joy this gospel brings and knowing that I brought one of the lords children back home to him. I love you all so much and I love this gospel. I know that the profetas receive revelation from god! I know Jose Smith has seen Dios and Jesucristo and talked with them and that the El Libro De Mormon is the most correct book on this earth! Everyone stay close with their Savior because with him anything is possible! Thank you for your prays and emails I love hearing from you all and cant wait to say more next week! 
Love Elder DeSantis

Email Sent to Elder DeSantis from his Dad Dave DeSantis:

Most mornings I love to start the day by reading scriptures, including scriptural messages from general Conference. As I read this morning I was impressed by a quote from Elder Ballard who said:

 "......I testify to you that the Lord Jesus Christ can help us fix anything that needs fixing in our lives through His atoning sacrifice."

In some way each of us needs something "fixed" in our lives!

 For some reason my mind this morning is drawn to a comparison between two similar principles. This morning I expound and offer insight on the difference between fixing and changing.

It would still fit, but Elder Ballard could have chosen to say:
 "......I testify to you that the Lord Jesus Christ can help us CHANGE anything that needs CHANGING in our lives through His atoning sacrifice."

The Lord Jesus Christ and His Atonement can help us change or fix anything in our life. Are there any subtle differences between asking for our life to change as compared to asking for our life to be fixed? I submit that there is.

For example, when I find myself in a job, situation, or circumstance that seems dull, hard, or taxing the first inkling is to ask of God for an external CHANGE of jobs, situations, or circumstances. Elder Ballard's choice of the word "fix" has enlightened my mind and heart to see more clearly wherein I now desire to ask of God for wisdom, strength, and power to fix my internal thoughts and attitude towards a dull job, tough situation, or trying circumstance.

May you and I ask of God for a "fix" of ourself before we ask for a change in others or our circumstance!

Love Dad/Dave

Elder DeSantis response to his dad:

Dad this quote you just sent was needed the second after i read it! my companion had a friend who emailed him saying things are hard right now and i told here is a quote i just read from my dad and now it is being shared with others! I love these small tender mercies! I love you so much dad you are such an amazing person and so Christ like I think about you guys everyday!

Love Elder DeSantis

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

week 1, August 4, 2015

Area:  MTC in Mexico City

Companion:  Elder Whimpey

Date:  August 4, 2015

Hi everyone,
   Thank you so much for the letters and for your guys prayers. I have felt them so much while i have been here. I will start out with how it was when I first got and here and what it was like. When i first got here it was weird, we are in the heart of mexico city and there are just a million houses here and then a random prison looking thing with guys in white walking around (CCM). They call the MTC the CCM not sure why My companion is Elder Whimpey he is playing football for Boise State when he gets back and is an awesome guy very lucky to have such a good companion, the second day here was hard we had a lot of meetings and language class. I told my self this was way too hard and that i cant do it anymore. I got motivation from your guys letters, i thought they were going to make me home sick but it did the opposite; it made me want to keep going and hearing everyone say they are praying for me was such a huge help. Everyone told us to just make it to sunday and it will be a lot better and  man that saying should be doctorine. I was getting frustrated because i wanted to know the language so badly so i could actually help people and answer their questions. Then sunday came and we watched a talk Elder Bednar gave and this is where everything changed...

I had my first convert while i have been! Its so amazing this convert is me, Elder Bednar said we have to be fully converted to the lord and forget ourselves. I can tell you once i started doing this everything has changed! I love studying the book of Mormon so much. I have found so many things that have helped me. I also love pray so much its amazing how much peace it gives to us. I promise you if you pray always you will find your days go by so much better. I pray about 20 times a day now. Sounds like too much but honestly i need all of them but in all these prayers I have yet to pray for myself, i have forgotten myself and i pray for others. As it says in Matthew 6:8 i think says how the lord already knows what we need before we ask him so i just pray for others now. Another thing that the Elder Bednar said is We turn in ward when the Lord turns out Ward. You can find this to be true in so many instances, when things get hard for us our first instinct is to think of ourselves. When the lord is tempted or being mocked he thinks of others first one example is when one of his apostles cuts the hear off of the guard who wants the Lord dead. Jesucristo fixed that guards ear immediately. Now I have forgotten myself anytime i see a missionary first thing i think is how good of a missionary they will be. I love this gospel so much and when thing i was told was that you can lose faith in yourself while you are here but you can never lose faith in your savior Jesucristo. While i was here i lost faith in my self which made me rely on the lord more then ever. I am not able to endure this because of my strength its because of the lords. When I changed my attitude i saw miracles happen. The language that i was struggling about and getting frustrated about become less of a burden for me. I was able to teach a 35 minute lesson solo espanol i know that may sound crazy but i did and i understood almost all the investigator said. Now dont get me wrong i know im not even close to being good at spanish and our investigator is speaking very slow for us and knows some English but its still crazy how much the Gift of toungues works. I love you all so much thank for your prayers I have felt them! I pray for you guys everyday stay strong and love the gospel and become close with your savior anything is possible if you are close to him. D&C 31 is amazing and you guys should read it! So glad to hear from you guys and look forward to next tuesday around this time to share more! please send me pictures i need some to show my companion Elder Whimpey BTW he is huge!
Elder DeSantis and Elder Whimpey (first companion)
Brother Rubalcava is a  high councilman in the Whimpey family's Stake.  His parents are in the Presidency at the Mexico MTC.  Elder Whimpey took Sister Rubalcava a pillow and to thank him, they gave the boys cookies.  Happy Boys being taken care of.