Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Week 57, September 5, 2016



Date:  September 5, 2016

Well I am sorry because this week I couldn't separate the days for you honestly kinda scares me how fast the days go and how much I don't remember them! I will try and dig deep and see what I can come up with for what we did so lets see but it sounded like all of you had a lot more exciting things happen back home like Katie having her little baby ahora yo tengo una sobrinasita. SO for me we worked with Kealey A LOT we saw her like almost everyday which she needs. All of our lessons with her went really well she is awesome but has some fears which I get. This Saturday is suppose to be her Baptism so if you could all pray for her that would be awesome! Some bad things happen after Saturday and that will be that the Packers start the season on Sunday so Sunday School now will become Packer School. I am kinda hoping it wont be as bad as last year because I was in Green Bay last year so we will see what Milwaukee will be like probably the same. We had a labor day BBQ in one of the wards we serve in and it was pretty sweet so much good food! We also had a Part Member family show up and the ward did great in fellow shipping them so hopefully things go well with them! I have gotten so many times that I look like someone it is so crazy a lot of the times when we go tracting someone says you look like so and so. Do I have that much of like a familiar face. Some cool experiences we had on Sunday was we were able to give Heather (a member in the YSA) ward a blessing because he Grandmother passed away while she was at church and she was a mess cause of it. I felt so bad for but, the blessing was amazing the spirit is always so strong in those and your words feel like they are just flowing out I love it! Then right after that we were able to give one to Kealey for a couple of different things and that one went really well also! This church is true priesthood is real! 

For my spiritual thought today "Be not afraid, only believe." Mark 5:36 how simple it is much so much in it. Christ invites us to "be not afraid, only believe" and allow him to hush any fears we might. I know at times it is hard to always be believe but I would like to invite you all to just hang on to the belief show your hope and your faith with your actions and help will come it always does! Love you all and hope you have a great week!

Elder DeSantis

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