Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Week 70, December 5, 2016


Companion:  Elder Lee

Date: December 5, 2016

Well this week was full of great miracles one is that it finally snowed! I love when it snows because it truly starts to feel like Christmas. Well this week we went on a lot of exchanges with the Zone Leaders which is always fun! 

Let me tell you about the miracles we saw this week. First one is this last Sunday we had Jackson, Michelle and Weston all come to church (an investigator family) and jackson wants to go and bare his testimony next Fast Sunday! Then later he came up to me and said he wants to be Baptized on the 17th of December how awesome is that! I love that kid!! Then we had our investigator Derrick come to church again and he is just eating it all up! He explained the 3 kingdoms during our Gospel Principles class perfectly!! It was so cool! I honestly think he will get baptized this Saturday so pray hard for him! 

Funny story for everyone so there was a Member in the YSA ward that needed a blessing she is from China and her English is hmm ok haha. So we gave her one elder lee did the blessing and I did the oil and what not, anyway after the blessing Athena (the memeber) was like "wow it's like magic" now its a lot funnier if you say it with a Chinese accent, then later she was like "ok I don't need medicine now." I love giving blessings or being in them the spirit is always super strong! 

For my spiritual thought I will try to express what I have been learning/feeling recently. So I have been praying that I can have a great change of heart and grow my desire and love for the people. Something I found interesting was I never really felt this "change" I was looking for. Recently though I have found my thoughts change and what I mean by this I I think of the people and not of myself or anything. With that I have found that my desire truly is growing and I am changing it is just hard to see at times. I truly am so grateful for this Gospel it has changed my life 100% it has made me not just a better person but it has made me who God wants me to be! I love you all and I hope you have a great week! 

Love Elder DeSantis

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