Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Week 25, January 25, 2016

Area:  Green Bay, Wisconsin

Companion:  Elder Christofferson

Date:  January 25, 2016

Hey everyone so this week was good nothing to out of the ordinary but we did have interviews with our Mission President and man I know that guy is inspired because he was telling us the exact things we need for our investigators with out us even telling him about them so that was cool. Oh ya I got the best compliment ever so we were at a Recent Converts house last night doing a Family Home Evening with them -they are from Puerto Rico- while I was talking she stops me and says you have a really cool accent you sound like someone from Brazil and I was shocked because I have never heard someone from Brazil before and she was like "ya you almost sound like you are speaking Portuguese more then Spanish" I was really confused but I am super glad to hear my Gringo accent is going away haha so ya that is probably the Highlight of my week. The work is going Elder Christofferson and I are really trying to turn this area around and find some good investigators so thats about the work.
 For the good old Spiritual Message of the week I want to talk about Jacob 7: 23 I read that this morning and I really liked it. It reads 23 "And it came to pass that peace and the love of God was restored again among the people; and they searched the scriptures, and hearkened no more to the words of this wicked man." There are a couple reason why I like this scriptures the first is how is states that Peace and Love was restored again, how applicable is that for us yes this Peace and Love has been restored through Joseph Smith. This book was written 600 years before Christ and some how it applies to us right now, when I find these things I say that it is just another testament this is the true Church! Anyways it goes on to say that "they searched the scriptures.." I love this part because if you ask any less active now they will say they are not reading the Scriptures daily its just a fact. The only way to stay in the church your whole life is to read and search the scriptures, if we aren't doing this daily we are just making it so much harder on ourselves each day. My best Role Models have been my parents with this they are Converts and I don't know of a time in their life that they became in-active. I know it is because they read and searched the scriptures each day! I invite all of you to read a little bit of the Book of Mormon each day make time to do it and you will receive so many blessings from it!
Amor Elder DeSantis

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