Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Week 21, December 21, 2015

Area:  Green Bay, Wisconsin

Companion: Elder Lee

Date:  December 21, 2015

Hi everyone to all who read them actually if you read them you should just send me an email even if it like a blank want I just want to see who actually all reads them.

 Well this week was good um some things that happened this week is I spoke on Sunday ah geez let me tell you that story, so we get a call from our 2 counselor in the ward and says hey our person that is suppose to be speaking today cant make it so can one of you guys speak and of course some how it lands on me and the topic was Miracles I want for my family and how I am going to accomplish them. I was like man this is a hard topic and I only had like 2 hours notice so I started writing the talk but I first started writing in Spanish and it was taking for ever to get it so when I had like a page I just tossed it and started it in English with plans of translating it after, well by the time finished writing the talk I was up on the stands and so I had a good talk but it was in English and I need to speak in Spanish obliviously so at this point I wanted to throw up! Well I thought I had a plan of just translating as I read the talk but that was way to slow so I just bagged all of it and boom miracles  the words just started flowing out of the mouth making sense and so ya gift of tongues is real! 

 Well now for more my message I will share another story this one happened this week. We were contacting a referral that we got and the parents weren't home but the kids were so we asked when they would be home and they didn't know but they said that they just went to the store so we told to tell them that we stopped by -oh the mom is a member- after that we just knocked the other doors and this Hispanic lady answered so we started talking to about who were and stuff and asked if she has ever talked to her neighbor across the hall she said no not really. We then told how she is a member of our church and right after saying that the Lady and the Husband are walking up stairs just cussing up a storm and man I was so embarrassed because after they got in side you could hear them yelling at their kids. The lady we were talking to after said "oh she is a member at your church ok" so ya that was a real shot to the foot. So what is my message it is that you represent the church and that people see your actions, now I know that we are not perfect or even close but people will see your actions so you also have a good opportunity to represent the church well, now I don't want you to go and do good so others see you doing cause that is not why we do service. Service should come because we want to now how do we get this desire to serve it can only come from much prayer and reading because service is an opposite of the natural man so much develop it and that is only possible if heavenly father gives it to us! I have felt my desire to serve become so strong because each day I ask for those attributes of Christ to be put in my heart! I love you all and sorry this one was pretty long! I hope you all have a great Christmas! 

Amor Elder DeSantis

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