Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Week 45, June 13, 2016

Area:  Lake Mills

Companion:  Elder Poulson

Date:  June 13, 2016

So there was a lot to this week I will start with Thrusday this crazy miracle that probably will never happen again. So we were weekly planning that day and we had the window open cause the weather has been perfect and all of a sudden we see someone come to our window and say "Hey I want to learn about your religion" We were like "oh ya for sure when?" he tells us he is available all the time. We have met him before we played basketball with him not too long ago and we told him what we do and stuff so I guess we left a good impression on him. So anyway we finally met with him today and it was like a picture perfect lesson like he was sooo prepared its crazy! He loves the Book of Mormon he never thought it was right that only people in Jerusalem would be able to hear the Word of God and not everybody so that made him stoked! So we are super excited for him and how cool of a story would that be he just comes up to our window and asks us. Then on Friday we had Spanish Conference it was so fun we got to see all the Spanish Missionaries in the Mission so it was great to see old companions Such as: Elder Alldredge (my trainer who goes home in 17 days), Elder Whimpey (love the kid) Elder Christofferson and a lot more so so that was super fun! We had Elder Scott come from the seventy and he is awesome he taught us more of our Ministry verses our Calling! Then he sat down and ate lunch with me so I was able to keep asking him more questions I got a lot out of it super nice man! Then on Saturday I was able to interview a lady named Tiffany for Baptism and she is amazing she has overcome soo much in her life. It is crazy how I have the power/authority to be able to see if someone is properly prepared for such an sacred ordinance! So then for today we headed to the good ol golf course man it was so fun I missed playing so much! We have a member in our ward who is way into golf and so he lent us some clubs and also on Mondays they have a special $21 for 9 holes and a Cart and lunch then $30  for 18 with all the perks and what not so that is super nice! Probably be doing that for a lot of P-days! Oh ya and thanks to my mom for hooking me and my comp up with golf balls, tees and gloves so that was nice! So ya pretty good week over all!

Cool verse that I really like was one Elder Scott is in 1 Corinthians 1:25-28 The lord truly does call those who are weak in hopes they will come unto him to allow him to make our weak things become strong! 

Love Elder DeSantis

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