Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Week 42, May 23, 2016

Area:  Lake Mills

Companion:  Elder Lopez

Date:  May 23, 2016

Hey everyone so this week was great! Saw a lot of success and found some new families which is awesome I am very excited! Also transfer are happening Wednesday and I am getting a new Companion his name is Elder Poulson I know him pretty well and I love the guy I am super stoked to be comps with him! Also this week Angel Cabrera took me and Elder Lopez to get some new shoes cause he wanted to get us something and so he bought us new shoes man I love this guy soo sweet!! They also said the opening and closing prayer in Sacrament man he was so nervous haha! Oh ya also for this week we met with our Grandma Gaby she calls us her adopted grandsons. She feeds us once or twice a week and this week she made us Tar Tar sandwiches and for those who don't know what those are -cause I didn't till a few days ago- all it is raw beef and you put it on a piece of bread and put salt pepper and onions and then you just eat it. She told us that it is like heaven to her she loves them I guess they eat those a lot in Latvia so she made us try them and yes I ate two! They aren't bad but it is just weird to think you are eating this raw beef!  I took pictures so you can all see! We also went to a member house to help do some yard work and then after we had S'mores and man there house reminds me like I am in Utah in the Mountains because they have these trees surrounding there whole house and man I loved it I truly felt like back home! Then the rest of the week Elder Lopez has just been saying good bye to the members and so ya not much more to add!

Well for something hopefully spiritual I just want to give my little testimony that the Savior lives and that our Heavenly Father is truly aware of all of us! I know this to be true because this boy who has been on his knees praying and pleading with Him has answered his prayers but it definitely not how I have expected He knows what we need!  Just ask Him and have Faith he will answer and then go and do what is right! Love you all hope you have a great week!

Love Elder DeSantis

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