Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Week 43, May 30, 2016

Area:  Lake Mills

Companion:  Elder Poulson

Date:  May 30, 2016

Hey everyone well so much has changed you could say and this week was just amazing! My new comp Elder Poulson is from Salem, Utah he has been out for about 7 months and I love the guy we are so similar in a lot of things we both love sports (we play basketball every morning against each other) and the first thing I saw when I saw him was golf clubs and oh I was so excited! A member told us we could use some of his old clubs when we want to go and play so I can't wait for that! I have a bunch of photos to send home we are taking so many because Elder Poulson has been in Milwaukee for his whole mission so he didn't know what Wisconsin even looked like so he was shocked when he saw open fields and nice houses haha so we have been taking it all in. We have had soo much success with finding new people and they are all Hispanic which is soo awesome! We have been working a lot and have been finding families left and right I pray that they will start to progress and come to church! Something else that happened this week was Angel Cabrera got the Aaronic Priesthood this week he was so excited and he also got to help ordain a priest into his office! I love this family so much they are just becoming so active in everything the change is unreal! So ya I am super excited for this transfer I hope we have a lot of success. Here are some funny quotes we have heard this past week first one comes from this random lady haha she said "I am hungry and I've got 8 bucks so I need to go get some Gas and Cigarettes" probably only funny in the moment but ya! thats all for now!

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