Thursday, May 19, 2016

Week 38, April 25, 2016

Area:  Lake Mills

Companion:  Elder Lopez

Date:  April 25, 2016

Hey everyone this week was another good one hmm lets see what happened we went to the Zone Leaders area which was really fun to get back into teaching only Hispanics ah man I love them they are so much better to teach and so nice to us just so excepting with the Gospel! The language is still coming a long by no means am I fluent though still have a lot to work on but it is coming. While we were with the Zone Leaders we found a lot of cool families so hopefully they will start to investigate the church more and more. Well for us we didn't teach to many lessons this week but we got a lot done with the Cabrera family which is more important. We started there baptismal records and planned the program for the day of their baptism also found out that I will be giving one talk and also baptizing Allyson so I am super excited and nervous to do it but more excited! We also found out something that we have been stressing out about a lot and that was if Angel and Irasema were actually married our just telling us they were but we saw their marriage document all is good they are legally married haha! They also feed us on Sunday which was so fun I love being with their family I just want to stay in this area for the rest of my mission so I can make sure they stay active but I know that wont happen and that they need to start taking the steps on their own with out the missionaries but they are already doing that so thinks are looking great! Also the ward is really helping to make them feel welcomed they planned a temple trip for May 20th only for adults and they are only doing Baptisms for the Dead so that Angel and Irasema can go in and participate! Now I know that doesn't seem like much but we don't have the luxury to just go to any temple any time. Anyway I hope they enjoy it and can feel the Spirit I know they will! It was so cute so while we were at their house yesterday, my mom sent me these Choose the Right rings for the kids and so I gave them to them and they were so excited! They just loved them, so we started playing this game where they ask me what is your favorite.... and then I answer so, Frida the little girl asked Angel Jr. who his favorite parent was and so he sat there for a second and was like yours elder Desantis cause they gave us these rings haha I love little kids!

As I have been sitting here think about what to say for a Spiritual message only thing really coming to mind is my family and how lucky I am. The reason why is because we had a lesson with this lady this morning who only calls us when things go south and needs money really from the church so we just sit there and listen and tell her things we feel she needs to hear but she just was telling me about how destroyed her family is and everyone hates everyone. Man I can't imagine that I honestly can't. There is only one reason why we are all so close and it is because of this Gospel it is because we try our best to live this Gospel. This Gospel is loving,serving, caring, crying, listening, talking and enjoying every person in your family and your friends it truly is! When we do those things we are living the Gospel many people only think it is about ourselves and how good we look to God but you wanna know what looks good to God is when we go and rescue or comfort one of His Children. I hope that I may live this Gospel even more after my Mission! I love you all so much and hope that you have a great week and enjoy your families!

Love Elder DeSantis

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