Thursday, May 19, 2016

Week 36, April 11, 2016

Area:  Lake Mills

Companion:  Elder Lopez

Date:  April 11, 2016

Everyone holly cow this week couldn't have been better, the coolest thing happened like I just smiling so hard right now. I have this awesome story to share and miracle man I wish I could just tell you all but oh well. So one quick thing before I start is that I will not be getting transferred which is amazing ok here we go. So you know the family I have been talking about that we are teaching well this Tuesday we went over our whole goal for this lesson was to see why they are not accepting a baptism date so we went over and followed up with the how conference was and they loved it so much like couldn't get over how amazing it was, they know that these men are called of God and have the Priesthood that are there exact words well expect in Spanish. So before we could start talking more Angle (the Father) started to tell us this experience he had when we taught him about temples and showed him a picture of the Salt Lake temple he said " the moment I saw a picture of the Salt Lake temple I knew I needed to enter into it but I know I need to clean myself off first cause I know no unclean thing can enter into the temple" he then tells us how he prayed to God to give him a way to go to the temple and that same day his best friend who is a member (Brother Laws) asked Angel to go to the Salt Lake Temple one day and go to conference, Angel said that was his answer to his prayers right then that same day! We were so excited and couldn't believe his experience and then he looked at his wife Irasema and then at us and said we are getting baptized and man I just almost died like I couldn't believe it I could't stop smiling! I still can't so then we just told them lets pick a day and they said no not yet and we were disappointing but now we know why he didn't tell us that night it is because he promised Brother Laws that he would tell him the day first so anyway we were just waiting for Saturday to come because that was the next time we were meeting with them and so Saturday finally came and then we asked them the day and it is May 7th!!! The only reason it is far is because Brother Laws is going out of town for two weeks and he really wants him there which we understand, so man we were just stoked but then there is more get this so we planned it all and man they are so ready couldn't be more excited so then we go to church and of course they are there and he came in a brand new suit he bought the whole ward new they were going to be baptized and a lot bore there testimonies of how excited they are for them! So then after church  we started talking to Brother Laws who is originally from Utah and he told us more stuff that Angel didn't tell us, so Brother Laws and him work together and everyday for 20 minutes Brother laws and him talk about the church and Brother Laws Described a little more about the temple and garments and so when Angel heard all this he went home and asked his wife to marry him again in the Salt Lake temple! When I heard that I was so excited. Ok so now let me tell you more about the family it consist of two parents with 4 daughters and a younger son this family is about the same age as Mom and Dad when they got baptized, Now if you are telling me that this family who is almost identically to my family wasn't prepared for me to come to Wisconsin and share with them my families story so that they can relate to it perfectly then I don't know that isn't happen chance we are called to certain areas of the world by God we truly are. Well to keep adding on to this story my plan now is for them to get married in July of 2017 in the Salt Lake Temple and to stay with us, how amazing will that be if right when I get home I can go into the temple with this family and watch them be sealed forever! Then to also have them in our home! This is why we go on missions to bring families together for ever. My testimony is that this is the true church and we have the power and aurthority to bind families together through the priesthood that was restored to Joseph Smith but Peter, James and John. I am so grateful for my mission and wouldn't trade it for anything! I know is God answers our prayers and he is very aware of ever single one of us!  Love you all

Elder DeSantis

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