Thursday, May 19, 2016

Week 37, April 18th, 2016

Hey everyone how are you all this week was good we had stake conference yesterday and that was really good! We went to Milwaukee on Saturday and we had to go early cause our BIshop was taking us and so when we got there we were able to go walk around in Milwaukee and do some work there man so different being in a big city! The weather is so nice right now so people are outside again and while we were walking we just felt like celebrities people would come out from the Bars and say "Looking good fellas" or just wave man super weird usually people avoid us but not that day like 15 people waved and were smiling at us so that was weird and cool at the same time. Must be how Utah missionaries feel walking in Utah. Well then on Sunday Angel (ones being baptized on may 7th) and his whole family came to stake conference and it is about and hour and half drive to the Stake Building so they wanted to be early so they could sit close so they got all their kids up at 5:30 am so they could get there early! So cool they are so dedicated to the Church or I guess to Christ! They also met a lot of awesome people at Stake Conference they met our Stake President who speaks Spanish then they met our Mission President and His Wife -so cool while talking our mission President was like "we are so excited for your Baptism" he responds in his best english "we are too I have just felt the change in my life and my families!" Man my heart just is so touched by this family! Well the list goes on for who they met next was a Temple President (Chicago temple) he bore his testimony of how families are forever and then he met a General Authority so they felt the Spirit threw these men and women. So that was really cool for all of us um for the other parts of the week I took the coolest picture of a Sunset I am very proud of it I will send it with this email! Then also we met a girl named Annabell who is very humble and nice and really wants to learn and accepted baptism so hopefully that will happen. We also had interviews with our Mission President which are awesome I love talking with that man! I am super sad he is leaving in June he really has changed my life so much! 

For my spiritual message I want to talk about the Book of Mormon my mission is doing a Book of Mormon reading where we get a brand new Blue Book of Mormon or the ones we hand out, as we read we highlight every verse that talks about The Nature of Christ and his Atonement and then in a different color we highlight all verses that tell us what we must do to access the Atonement. While doing this I have realized two things that the Book of Mormon truly testifies of Christ and we can come to know that he is our Savior almost every page has a verse or verses talking about His atonement for us! Then the next thing is how much we must do to access it, it tells us every page what we must do but always follows up with the reasons why! I love this studied and it is strengthening my testimony more and more each day. I can't wait to finish it in June and then to start it again! I am so greatfull for the Book of Mormon and the peace it brings me and for all the sacrifices that would made so we can have it! I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Love Elder DeSantis

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