Thursday, May 19, 2016

Week 35, April 4, 2016

Area:  Lake Mills

Companion:  Elder Alatrista

Date:  April 4, 2016

Whats up everyone! well this week was good, for district meeting we had a great testimony meeting and I always love baring testimony about His atonement cause man I need it everyday! That is one thing my mission has done it has "shown unto me my weaknesses" and they will only become strong if I inquire of the Lord. After that the next cool thing we had was a guy came and spoke to us who was a NHL hockey player for two years -which was his dream- then after two years didn't really have the passion to do it anymore so he said he got fat and just lazy until someone asked him if he wanted to do something with his life again so then he just started picking up speed skating and made the Olympic team for long distance speed skating and he would have won gold if he had not fallen but ya that was really cool to hear his story. I got some really cool revelation you could say for my own life and what I should do. He said "no matter what you do be the best at that thing you do, doesn't matter what it is put it in your mind that you will be the best at that thing" very true you need to push out all those negative thoughts and honestly believe you will be the best at that thing and well it worked for him he went to the Olympics and played pro hockey. Well after that not too much happened but Angel the family I have been talking about is still doing really good the kids are awesome and really enjoy us coming over and listening to us! Angel made some stuff and brought it to priesthood session dinner that is at the church btw Angel watched 8 hours of conference so awesome he loved it all and thought it all was so profound! Little funny story cause you know I love my "little funny stories" when I was at priesthood dinner I got to talking to Brother Luccion -who is from Argentina- about soccer and found out he played for Provo I laughed and said we played Provo in Semis and finals for soccer, oh ya this conversation happened earlier in the week, so then I get to preisthood dinner and he says "I read an Article about you last night" I was so confused on what he read and he went on and explained saying he went and found stuff from when I played soccer at high school so now from what he read he told me he expects to see me playing after my mission haha so I thought that was funny. Sorry that story is very poorly written well anyways onto Sunday we watched General Conference at Angels house instead of the church like on Saturday, they are so fun and amazing the kids watched all 2 sessions on Sunday I was impressed. That is all for the week now on to conference and spiritual message.

 Geez this General Conference was amazing it truly was I think I enjoyed it so much was because of how much they spoke on Families and Temples and then to be watching it with a family who is hopefully one day going to be baptized and then go to the Temple to be sealed for all eternity. Sitting there on Sunday with that family watching conference is what missionary work is all about bringing these families together! I truly loved all the talks but the quote I want to talk about more comes from our beloved Prophet Thomas S. Monson when he said in the Sunday morning session he says "may we ever choose the harder right then the easier wrong." I love that quote because I hate to break it to all of us but including myself but this life is hard it is hard to stay strong in the Gospel it truly is but coming from another quote says " I never said it would be easier, I only said it would be worth it." It is so true I believe in the council we had in heaven our Heavenly Father told us it would be very very hard but we all knew how worth it would be, if only we could still know how worth it will be we would work a lot harder. These "harder rights" we have to choose may come in many forms for me it is to keep focused and knock one more door go that extra mile for those who need to realize this time isn't for me those are my hard rights, I know that yours are all different but in the end we must always choose that "hard right" and one may ask how we do so and I believe the answer comes from 3 Nephi 13:  21 'For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." Isn't this scripture amazing I read this about a thousand times when I found in my Book of Mormon reading the other day, I love it though so true what ever our treasures are there will be our heart. I pondered this forever and am still asking my self what are my treasures, then I realized well if my treasures are aligned with Gods will then how much easier will it be to "choose that hard right" when are hearts are somewhere; there is our energy, our passion our, love our desires and our all!  I encourage us all to find out our treasures and see if they are in line with Gods will for us and then to press forward always choosing "the hard right over the easy wrong" I love you all and my testimony is that this is the restored church on the earth today and we are lead by Prophets and Apostles who -as Elder Holland said- love us so much that they will give there lives for us, they truly do talk with God and Thomas S. Monson is our Prophet who is called of God! I know that this is the true Church even if at times I need help remembering that I know it to be True this is my small testimony that the Savior lives and He is our Redeemer and I say all this in the name of Jesus Christ Amen!

Love Elder DeSantis

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