Sunday, April 3, 2016

Week 34, March 28, 2016

Area:  Lake Mills

Companion: Elder Joaquin Lopez Alatrista

Date:  March 28, 2016

This week was good, we got to go to Milwaukee and work with the Zone Leaders for a day which was fun to go to a big city again, man so many people compared to lake mills where the population is not even six thousand. After that I started to feel kinda sick like the flu and so we went out but we didn't find anyone. Then on Sunday Angel and his family came again which was awesome the talks were so good and they really enjoyed it! I think they will get baptized this next month and it is a family of 7 which is so cool and rare! During the second hour I asked Hermana Cabrera (investigator) to say the closing prayer and I was shocked she said yes cause that is one thing they haven't done yet was pray in front of us but she said it and they were both in tears before the end of the prayer which was so cool the spirit was so strong, I know the spirit was telling me to ask them how they feel right now but everyone got up to start to leave so I didn't and I am mad at myself cause I need to help them understand when they are feeling the spirit! Next time I guess well anyways that Easter was great we went and visited Patt this 80 something year old lady who I just love man she makes me laugh all the time and she loves us coming, she is a convert and has a really cool story that I will tell when I am home one day but we were teaching her the Plan of Salvation and there are two parts I want to talk about neither of them spiritual so sorry but the first one is when I used this Plan of Salvation diagram my mom made for me it is spanish so I opened it up and I was like sorry Patt this is spanish but don
't worry English is underneath and I jokingly asked her if she knew these words and she just started saying the words in English and I was so freaking shocked I look at elder lopez and was like this lady has the gift of tongues right now, she looked at me and started laughing I majored in spanish in college but I was still impressed cause this lady can't even remember Elder Lopez name she calls him elder cruz haha so that was super funny but this next one makes me laugh so hard ok so we got to Adam and Eve and when they were in the garden and I said they need to have children but didn't know how and she said and I quote "they could have just watched the birds" ah man when she said that I couldn't stop laughing man I love that lady. Well now to have more of a Spiritual message I want to give my testimony of the Savior and his resurrection this Easter was probably the first time I ever studied his life and read from the Bible and all the different Gospels of his disciples. I gained so much knowledge and have grown to know so much more that the Savior is my actual Savior and for a moment during his suffering he thought of me and all the things I will go through, he then broke those bands of death the bonded us all from the fall of Adam. He asked Mary "why weepst thou" and I feel at times he asks me the same thing during hard times why do I cry why do I try to go through these things alone don't I know that my Savior Lives and that because he does I can too and that everything will work out in the end. In Spanish there are two words to say "to know" one is Saber and the other is Conocer. Saber means to know facts or things along that line but Conocer means to know someone. I believe yo Sabia (knew) Christ before my mission but now I can say Yo conozco Christ which is the real importance because when we actually know someone and love someone we will do all they ask and try and try again till we will need is Everlasting Atonement in the end, we will all fall short without Christ but with him all becomes possible! I love you all and hope you had a great Easter now we have a great opportunity to listen to our Apostles and Prophet, take advantage of it listen with an open heart! Have a great week!

Love Elder DeSantis

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