Sunday, April 3, 2016

Week 33, March 21, 2016

Area:  Lake Mills

Companion: Elder Joaquin Lopez Alatrista

Date:  March 21, 2016

Hey everyone,
 This week was really good we had a lot happen this week first off was Zone Conference and it was nice to see other missionaries being all the way in the country that doesn't happen to much. One thing that was cool was Bridger Hansen knows the Bishops sons of the ward I am serving in because they are both serving in Russia so I asked Bridger or Elder hansen if he knew him and he did so small world I guess. So we did a bunch of service this week we helped this family move out there whole house pretty much all day one day and half the day the other time so that was fun to do service I honestly don't know what they would have done with out us they needed to be out on Saturday and me and my comp and a member of our church were the only ones there. They were older people so my comp and I carried everything and man they are pretty wealthy so they have legit wooden stuff that isn't cheap or light so you have to one make sure not to break it and then make sure you don't break you back but sorry don't mean to complain about doing service cause I really enjoyed it actually they are super nice people. Then we also moved out this other family whose sons lived above us we carried there stuff out so we are experienced movers now. This Sunday though we had a great miracle but it starts with Saturday so we go to one of our investigators house on Saturday like usual and this time his whole family is sitting there (7 in total) and they tell us that they are going to come to church and I just couldn't stop smiling I was so stoked because we have been trying to get them to come for so long and finally they did they actually showed up. We had this whole family show up and man the whole ward was shocked because there aren't too many members that go so this family took up a whole row. They speak spanish though so I am not sure how much they got out of Sacrament and the 3rd hour but they said they are coming back next week so that is awesome! So ya that is pretty much my week. My little spiritual thought today comes from the new Easter video that the church made if you have yet to see I would say to watch it cause it is amazing, also here is my challenge after watching it show it to one friend who isn't a member obviously. I promise it will make you happy because sharing the Gospel does that it makes you happy and who cares if they nothing comes out of it you will never know till you try! Love you all
Elder DeSantis

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