Monday, November 23, 2015

Week 16 November 23, 2015

Area:  Green Bay, Wisconsin

Companion:  Elder Alldredge

Date:  November 23, 2015

Hello everyone,
  So this week was pretty good nothing to crazy like last weeks -sorry I probably wont have another story like that- but anyways what happened this week haha oh man this guy drove up next to me and my companion and was like are you guys J-dubs and I was like no we are Missionaries for the church... and ya he was like oh I hear if I ask you guys for money you have to give it to me and I was like ya sorry that's not true he then went on and was like if I ripped a page out of the bible and rolled my weed in it what would you do? I was like what would I do? and then I said "nothing" and I think he was waiting for me to start like chastising him or something cause he didn't know what to say and then he just drove away while saying smoke weed everyday. So kids there is a lesson to never do drugs because then you have to ask Mormon missionaries for money cause you think they have to give you money because you don't have the money to buy your drugs or probably even food. So ya that was pretty eventful. Um well next week I will be able to tell if you all if I am being transferred or if I stay and if I get a new companion and what not so that is exciting! I really hope I stay we have so many cool investigators we have this one group of kids who we found playing soccer and so we played with them and they liked me cause I was pretty good so we have been teaching a lot of the kids and they are super cool and they like me a lot so I don't think I should leave cause they like talking to me about soccer and stuff like that. The only down side is they always ask be to play them in FIFA and man I wish I could but I cant haha its ok though! We are having a hard time getting these soccer kids to church so one of these times I want to say I will play you but if I beat you, you have to come to church! But that's against mission rules so don't worry I wont do it. Anyways stuff about our other investigators is we got 7 people to church 7! It may not seem like it but let me put it into perspective there are about 70 people that go to the church on Sunday and seven of those were our investigators that is one tenth of the branch so that tight! This one investigator named H(Ector) he loves me also not sure why but he does I guess but he was giving us a ride and he was like "let me get your door William" "Now let me shut your door William" Hahah was so confused how he new my first name but My comp told him! 

Well now on to a spiritual note so something very spiritual happened to me this week so I am kind of embarrassed to say this but I had never read the Book of Mormon cover to cover I have read all the books in the Book of Mormon but never from the beginning to the end so I decided to do it now cover to cover, and I finished it this Saturday and wow reading Moroni's words in verses 10:3-5 was amazing I starting crying cause of the feeling I had that is was true holy cow in that moment I knew it was true and so I got on my knees and just prayed my little heart out giving thanks that I now know the Book of Mormon was true. I invite anyone who has yet read the whole Book of Mormon cover to cover to read it. Even if you don't get everything out of while reading it this first time it doesn't matter just read and read till you are done and then just pray. The only way to know if it is true is to pray and ask and to read it! Now I can teach and testify more powerfully that the Book of Mormon is True! I love you all hope you have a great week!

Love Elder DeSantis

sorry I forgot my camera so no photos this week!

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