Monday, November 23, 2015

Week 15 November 16, 2015

Area:  Green Bay, Wisconsin

Companion:  Elder Alldredge

Date:  November 16, 2015

Hey everyone!
 Well this week was good something HUGE happened but I will talk about that in a little bit. Things in Greenbay are still going we aren't having the best success right now but it is coming. Man I have heard a lot of big news though like the bombing in Paris and the thing the Churched released about children with homosexual parents and baptism. I will hit on that too a little later. I have a pretty funny story that happened this week during church, they asked a 17 year old kid to say the closing prayer in sacrament and so he is the only priest in the Branch so he says the sacrament prayer every week. He gets up to say the closing prayer and starts saying the sacrament prayer and he soon realizes what he is doing and is like "oh crap" then he tries to start again and he somehow kept saying the sacrament payer him being super embarrassed just mumbled and said "en el nombre de jesucristo amen" wow all the misisonaries look at each other and just start laughing man that was super funny.

  Well on to the topic of Baptism for kids with Homosexual parents, if you are struggling with this wondering if it is true or not and if the church should be doing this lets take a step back for a second. We know this had to have come from some big revelation given to the Prophet Thomas S. Monson and if you have ever watched conference and thought man what this guy is saying is true and from God then you have a testimony that prophets are called by God and receive divine revelation. Also if you believe at all that the Book of Mormon is true then you will know that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that God has called another prophet. So before you think the church isn't true our you have anything that you are doubting look back and you will see why you believed in it in the first place. I know that what Thomas S. Monson says is from God and although it made be hard at sometimes to believe everything just pray and ask your Heavenly Father if it is right and you will receive your answer I promise!

  Now on to my spiritual/miracle message so let me give you a little back ground on this investigator we have she is super cool her name is Nora Maria and her moms name is Nora and they are very sweet people and love us. We met Nora Maria because she needed help translating and so they called us and so we went and helped she needed to set up an appointment for surgery cause she has Cancer in her throat so we helped her do all that and then asked if we could come bay and teach her she said yes. Well anyways we have been teaching them for awhile now and we had a feeling to ask Nora if she wanted a Priesthood blessing -we explained what it is and everything- she said yes. Well in this blessing my companion said "you will be healed from your cancer" i was taken back from this but felt the spirit super super strong! Then we left and a few weeks pass till this Wednesday and we come over for our weekly appointment and I just knew instantly something happened they were just smiling so big. We ask them how they are and they say very good and we ask why and everything and she begins to say "At my appointment we did a screening on my throat so we could look at the cancer again and schedule surgery but when they went to look for it the cancer was gone" well when I heard this man the spirit just came over me so strong. I sat there not knowing what to say at all and I just started to cry and when I started to cry they started to cry and man in that moment I felt so on top of the world like this priesthood is real and that it is the same priesthood that Jesus Christ had when we healed the sick. I am so grateful for this priesthood I hold and for the power it has if we have the faith! I love this Gospel and I know it is true but i do not know it is true just from this experience I know it is true cause every time I pray I have this feeling of love and every time I read I feel that is it true! I am so grateful for this experience I had I will never forget it. Thank you so much for all your prayers and emails I hope you guys enjoy this wonderful miracle I shared with you!

Love Elder DeSantis

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