Monday, October 5, 2015

Week 9, September 28, 2015

Area:  Green Bay, Wisconsin

Companion:  Elder Alldredge

Date:  September 28, 2015

Hi guys,
  How is everyone I hope you are all doing good! Things have been good here in Green Bay the work on the East side of Green Bay is doing really well, the West side not too well right now. I am serving on the East side  and we have 6 baptisms scheduled this month 6! Now these are just some dates for our investigators so they aren't all for sure but if they all work out that would be soo cool! Sadly I don't have any photos this week sorry I always forget. But I will for sure get some of all the baptisms. 

  Fun fact about Hispanics they are so nice and always want to feed you so this Friday we had 4 dinners you know how hard that was to eat the last two man I was struggling. Also its kinda rude to tell them you don't want their food so ya we ate all of it I think I had about 15 tacos no joke but that was only from two of the dinners so ya. I cant complain though cause the Hmong Elders barely get fed once a week by someone. 

  Lets see what has happened funny or exciting oh ya geez I almost forgot about this. So we just got done with an amazing lesson with this family who we got committed to Baptism and we are walking down the street and we see all these kids on their bikes and then we see these two big ladies fighting and one had a big Kitchen knife. The kids ride over to us and say ya that lady is crazy this is like a weekly thing and I was like dang lets try and help but then the cops came and took care of it so its all good. But ya pretty weird but like it says in the bible "its better to dwell in the wilderness then with an angry women" not joking that is in the Bible haha some where in psmals or Proverbs I think. So ya that's that story but that's all now on to the spiritual thought.

  So as I have now found out every single Hispanic says they are Catholic even if they have never been to church they all say they are Catholic. This can become frustrating at times because they think they are ok if they just tell us they are Catholic. But yesterday we got to teach this man who shared an amazing story with us about how pray has helped him get through his wifes recent death, we sat down and taught him about the Plan of Salvation and he told us he is hard core Catholic and he actually is he, unlike the other ones who have never been to church he goes every Sunday and has a good testimony about Christ. We left knowing most likely he wont be baptized, but I thought to my self that's ok because he is living a life around Christ and that's why I am on this mission to get people to have Christ in their lives! Now we thought about the other Hispanics who don't actually practice their religion, how can we help these people see that our church is different then the Catholic church. I didn't realize all the stuff they believed and that some stuff is pretty similar to ours. So we realized we just have to show them charity, they cannot deny how much service we will do for them! Every time even if they don't want to hear from us we will ask how can we help what can we do to help? This is how we will show people that our church is different and obviously teach them about the differences we have but I need to show more charity. That's my message show charity to everyone I love you all!! Talk to you later.

Love Elder DeSantis

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