Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 11, October 12, 2015

Area:  Green Bay, Wisconsin

Companion:  Elder Alldredge

Date:  October 12, 2015

Hey guys,
  This week was very good you know why? Because I had my first Baptism! Which was on the same day as my Mothers Birthday so October 10th was a great day! The Baptism went awesome we had so much support from the Branch they helped us so much with everything, but the kid we Baptized is named Enrique he is 14 and he was in a part member family. His mom is Baptized and his younger sister, it is so nice to know that we just made this family one step closer to being able to be with each other for eternity. We also baptized his younger brother who is 8 years old. After Enrique and his brother were baptized I went and talked to the Mother and she was just bawling and I asked her how she was feeling and she could only get out "Happy" Its so true this Gospel makes so many people happy! So that was an awesome experience for me and gave me so much more motivation to work harder and to find those people ready to hear from me. We have a lot of people who I think have very good potential in being baptized here soon, if everything went good we could have about 10 Baptisms in this transfer which is super crazy cause the rate of Baptisms in Wisconsin is about 1.6 baptisms a year for a missionary. So its time to start working hard. 

  Well I don't think I have any funny stories but I do have a cool story so here it is, this Sunday we had 5 investigators to church which is way hard to do, but anyways we hard two of our investigators named Nora and Nora Maria. Nora is Nora Marias mom but Nora Maria has Cancer in her throat -which is way sad- but it was Fast and Testimony meeting and 3 of the peoples testimonies were about cancer and how they were able to feel that everything was going to be ok because of the knowledge of the Gospel. But get this one of them had Throat Cancer also I was like holy cow this is crazy, it just shows that God is in our lives and will do everything he can to help one of his children return to him. So I thought that was super cool! But also Nora and her family just love me for some reason haha they just think I am cute cause I don't know Spanish very well but I still try and they are just like it man its so cute how he is trying to learn for us, its funny cause they say it in front of me and I have no idea. So after we leave I was like what were they saying and he was like lets just say they really love you! Also this week I went on exchanges which means you switch Companions for a day and so we switched with the Zone leaders but they are English Speaking so I went and was trying to teach white people and I say trying cause we weren't able to teach a single person because us whit people are so mean geez I wasn't used to being shut down every second and so rudely. They are so funny they will open the door and just be like "no no no no nope leave" so weird cause Hispanics are just so much cooler and nicer so I am so glad I am a Spanish Elder! But the Zone leader I switched with is super cool his name is Elder Merril we get a long so great and he is just a super nice guy! I hope many some how we could serve together, but him and his Companion both got Dear John so that sucks haha and the this that sucks about Elder Merril and his is that the girl is a sister of his Brothers wife so ya that's rough. 

My spiritual message is to just focus on the Sacrament and what it actually means and what we are doing each time we take it! I don't have much to say on it cause I want you guys to go deep into it like I have been recently its so cool. That's my challenge study the Sacrament, I know we all know what it represents but think of more then just that, I will help you with what I mean such as: Grace, Atonement, Resurrection and Pure Love 

You guys are amazing love you all! 
                                                 Love Elder DeSantis

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