Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Week 5, September 1, 2015

Area: MTC Mexico City

Companion:  Elder Whimpey

Date: September 1, 2015

Hey everyone
Ah its crazy 5 more days till I peace out on my mission. I am getting the butterflies again its like i am actually heading out on my mission now! Next one you get from me I will be in Wisconsin! Lets see what happen this week, um so don´t be alarmed but I got a Hemorrhoid haha which most of you know what that is but I am fine, But I do have to put the medicine in an awkward place! On a more spiritual note Elder Christofferson came and spoke to us. Man it was so nice to hear from an Apostle they truly are called by God. I would make my weekly message about that but something else happened that I would rather share. But anyways I will leave you with a quote from Sister Christofferson shared it was about charity, She said "when rejection hurts not because of being rejected but because you love them so much and you know what you have to share with them will make them so happy, that is when you know you are a true missionary." I loved hearing this quote from her and it is so true! I cant wait to experience rejection cause I know it will make me so much stronger!
For my thought of the week now. So you know how every Missionary says he finds out why he was called to where he is, I believe I had mine or at least on of my experiences. So let me tell you about it, There is a kid in our District named Elder Durrling. He is the funniest nicest and cutest kid. He is from Sandy Utah and he went to Brighton High School, he loves playing Video games in fact he played 500 hours of a video game called Skyrim, he also loves watching Anime like a lot haha. He has had a hard life and him and his family have been through so much yet he still pushes through. I asked him one day if he would rather have any girlfriend he wanted or ride a dragon and of course he picked the dragon with no hesitation. Now to the part where I feel like I have been called here for a reason, we were walking back to the casa one night and we were just all talking and I said Elder Durrling I cant wait till your wedding and see you with you smokin hot wife and then he was like you would come and we said of course we would come! So we kept walking and I had my arm around him and all of a sudden I see he is balling and I was so confused and I looked at him and asked him whats up. Then he struggled to get words out but when he did he told us that we are his first real friends he has ever had. When I heard this I felt so overwhelmed with the spirit that we all just hugged him and cried with him. This Elder has the spirit of a Child he is so humble and has the best attitude about everything. He doesn´t know much spanish but yet he still stays so positive.  I was complaining one day about how hard this language was and I was saying it to myself then I hear Elder Durrling look and me and say you can do it man! That was all I needed to just put my head down and keep working! I love this kid so much and he has taught me so much! If I came on this mission just to make one person feel like they have one true friend I would be happy! My challenge to you is to go and just be a friend to everyone cause who knows what they are going through! This gospel really does bring true happiness please learn of it everyday! There is so much there to be learned and shared! I love all of you and can´t wait to share with you about Wisconsin and more about this gospel!
Elder Durrling and Elder DeSantis

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