Tuesday, August 4, 2015

week 1, August 4, 2015

Area:  MTC in Mexico City

Companion:  Elder Whimpey

Date:  August 4, 2015

Hi everyone,
   Thank you so much for the letters and for your guys prayers. I have felt them so much while i have been here. I will start out with how it was when I first got and here and what it was like. When i first got here it was weird, we are in the heart of mexico city and there are just a million houses here and then a random prison looking thing with guys in white walking around (CCM). They call the MTC the CCM not sure why My companion is Elder Whimpey he is playing football for Boise State when he gets back and is an awesome guy very lucky to have such a good companion, the second day here was hard we had a lot of meetings and language class. I told my self this was way too hard and that i cant do it anymore. I got motivation from your guys letters, i thought they were going to make me home sick but it did the opposite; it made me want to keep going and hearing everyone say they are praying for me was such a huge help. Everyone told us to just make it to sunday and it will be a lot better and  man that saying should be doctorine. I was getting frustrated because i wanted to know the language so badly so i could actually help people and answer their questions. Then sunday came and we watched a talk Elder Bednar gave and this is where everything changed...

I had my first convert while i have been! Its so amazing this convert is me, Elder Bednar said we have to be fully converted to the lord and forget ourselves. I can tell you once i started doing this everything has changed! I love studying the book of Mormon so much. I have found so many things that have helped me. I also love pray so much its amazing how much peace it gives to us. I promise you if you pray always you will find your days go by so much better. I pray about 20 times a day now. Sounds like too much but honestly i need all of them but in all these prayers I have yet to pray for myself, i have forgotten myself and i pray for others. As it says in Matthew 6:8 i think says how the lord already knows what we need before we ask him so i just pray for others now. Another thing that the Elder Bednar said is We turn in ward when the Lord turns out Ward. You can find this to be true in so many instances, when things get hard for us our first instinct is to think of ourselves. When the lord is tempted or being mocked he thinks of others first one example is when one of his apostles cuts the hear off of the guard who wants the Lord dead. Jesucristo fixed that guards ear immediately. Now I have forgotten myself anytime i see a missionary first thing i think is how good of a missionary they will be. I love this gospel so much and when thing i was told was that you can lose faith in yourself while you are here but you can never lose faith in your savior Jesucristo. While i was here i lost faith in my self which made me rely on the lord more then ever. I am not able to endure this because of my strength its because of the lords. When I changed my attitude i saw miracles happen. The language that i was struggling about and getting frustrated about become less of a burden for me. I was able to teach a 35 minute lesson solo espanol i know that may sound crazy but i did and i understood almost all the investigator said. Now dont get me wrong i know im not even close to being good at spanish and our investigator is speaking very slow for us and knows some English but its still crazy how much the Gift of toungues works. I love you all so much thank for your prayers I have felt them! I pray for you guys everyday stay strong and love the gospel and become close with your savior anything is possible if you are close to him. D&C 31 is amazing and you guys should read it! So glad to hear from you guys and look forward to next tuesday around this time to share more! please send me pictures i need some to show my companion Elder Whimpey BTW he is huge!
Elder DeSantis and Elder Whimpey (first companion)
Brother Rubalcava is a  high councilman in the Whimpey family's Stake.  His parents are in the Presidency at the Mexico MTC.  Elder Whimpey took Sister Rubalcava a pillow and to thank him, they gave the boys cookies.  Happy Boys being taken care of.

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