Friday, July 31, 2015

Mission Farewell Open House-July19, 2015

Elder DeSantis with his sisters Katie, Adair, Adriane, and Annie.  Not complete without our Lizzy in Seattle

Taylor Macey, Madeline Macey and Hannah Bezdjian

Joshua Hicks, Jordan Hicks and Annie Hicks

Vickie Anderson and William DeSantis.  Vickie has been so sweet to photograph many of  Williams important events.  Thanks so much Vickie!

cake purchased by Vickie Anderson

Pam and Roger Baker, Millie and Mari Mason and Elsie Watts

Johnsen Family: Caleb, Esther, Sarah, Jerusha, Jemima and Jeremiah

Atkinson Family 

CoCo Hicks 

Colton and Kelly Lambert

Lee and Tammy Cassity, Katie, and Chris Cassity 
Roger, Pam and Amy Baker, Mari Baker, Emerson Purser, Maggie and Elsie Watts, and Jerusha Johnsen

Johnsen Family: Jeremiah, Caleb, Job, Esther, Abigail and Jared

Joe Reynolds

Jade Mulvey, Sheldon Martineau, James Garbett, Thomas Garbett and Mitch Clayton

Elsie Watts with uncle William

Holly Gatrell, William DeSantis and Annie Hicks

Annie Hicks and William DeSantis

Thomas Garbett and William DeSantis

William DeSantis and Bridger Hansen

Mitch World, Bridger Hansen, William DeSantis, Adam Metcalf, Connor Dearden, and Colton Smart

Brooke, Georgia, Henry, Patrick, Hollister and Holden Hogle with William DeSanatis

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