Friday, July 31, 2015

Departing to the Mexico City Missionary Training Center

On July 29, 2015, Elder DeSantis departed from the Salt Lake City airport to arrive at the Missionary Training Center in Mexico City.
Heading off to the airport

Elder DeSantis and Adriane Gatrell

Katie Cassity, Elder DeSantis and Annie Hicks

Katie Cassity, Elder DeSantis and Christopher Cassity

Edwin Watts, Holland Watts, Adair Watts, Maggie Watts, Elder DeSantis, Elsie Watts and Charlie Watts

Holly DeSantis, Elder DeSantis and Dave DeSantis

Annie Hicks, Adriane Gatrell, Elder DeSantis, Adair Watts and Katie Cassity

Holly Gatrell, Adriane Gatrell, Gordon Gatrell, Elder DeSantis, Enzo Gatrell and Tory Gatrell

Elder DeSantis paving the way for the Watts boys

Proud Dad

This little guy will be 2 when he gets home.
Peace out, see ya in 2

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